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Unique baby shower gift ideas new parents will adore

Unique baby shower gift ideas new parents will adore
So your best-test bud just broke the news of her pregnancy to you, there is plenty of anticipation and maybe a few tears of happiness to go around. What do you bring to the baby shower that your friend will appreciate do you want to go with something thoughtful, customized, unique, cute, and useful? The best baby shower gifts are those that have a personal touch. Keep scrolling because we have got you covered with the best baby shower gift ideas.
 A day out in the spa with a babysitting service
Once the baby is out, the new mommy won’t have much time for self-care and rest. Give them a much-needed spa break to relax and rejuvenate themselves.
A baby carrier
What is the best gift that makes a parent stay hands-free yet close to their baby at the same time? You guessed it right, a baby carrier.
A customized gift basket
Add in lots of smaller necessities in a cute little basket. These can include a personalized onesie, diapers, wipes; a nail cutting set, pacifiers, burp cloths, baby wipes, baby booties, rattles, and much more.
A memory book
The book allows you to jot down memories throughout the baby’s first year. There are designated places for pictures and milestones. Memory books allow you to be creative and they are also a great keepsake that you are your family can look at once the baby is all grown up.
Playmats are designed by development experts to keep babies engaged for hours. The baby will learn new things through the whole first year. It is best to get a mat that is customizable according to the baby’s age to see lots of tummy time as well as playtime.
½ birthday custom shirt and diaper cover
Your baby will be doing it for the gram when they are smiling in this super adorable tutu dress that will have her looking like a princess on her 1/2 birthday.  We love how it can be customized to create a custom photoshoot.
Sophie the giraffe
Everybody knows about Sophie, even those who are not parents. This best-selling garage tether is seen dangling out of the mouths of every infant. This must-have teething toy makes a wonderful baby shower present
 Soft books
It is never too early to start reading to the baby, and having a nice selection of books on hand for new parents is key. Prepare a gift basket with the bestselling children’s books, you can also add some of your childhood favorites too.
Mama and me matching shirt set
If the mom-to-be is the type who loves taking pictures and making memories, then this irresistible set is sure to leave her impressed. Baby and mommy will look good enough in this  cute shirt that is photo-shoot worthy
Personalized baby gown
Want to top the list with the baby shower crowd? This adorable personalized gown to bring the baby home from the hospital is an instant thumbs up. It is the perfect baby shower gift for those precious first pictures. P.s it can be paired with some cute socks and a hair bow for extra style points.

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